Cvtool  v.1.0

Cvtool is a command line tool for processing images and data. It works as a filter and supports both netpbm images and pfs images and data. ool integrates all its functionality into a single binary, and makes it available through commands.

Concurrent Versions Librarian  v.3.4.14b90

CVL (Concurrent Versions Librarian) is a version and configuration management tool for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server (Rhapsody), Windows and OPENSTEP.


CVLTonemap  v.0.2.4

View HDR images with this software. CVLTonemap is an interactive viewer and tone mapping tool for high dynamic range (HDR) images. By performing the tone mapping on the graphics processing unit (GPU),

CVLView  v.1.0.1

CVLView is a viewer for PFS files. CVLView is a viewer for arbitrary floating point data that is stored in pfs files.All of the data processing that is necessary for visualization is done on the graphics processing unit (GPU) for optimal performance.

SSH Agent X  v.1.1

SSH Agent is a graphical front-end to some of the OpenSSHtools included with Mac OS X.

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